This blog is about  fonts, typography and text. It’s a mix of geeky troubleshooting, info for font developers and thoughts for regular end users who happen to be curious about typography. Just bookmark http://www.thomasphinney.com (which currently redirects to this wordpress.com site).

I’m Thomas Phinney, typographer at large. You can reach me by email as tphinney at the cal.berkeley.edu domain (they do free email for alumni). Some things I have done that might be interesting:

  • Involved in all aspects of typography including: research, writing, technical & troubleshooting, history, type design, business, font standards, font embedding, and forensic typography.
  • Worked in Adobe’s type group from June 1997 to December 2008, ultimately as product manager for fonts & global typography.
  • Designed a very large typeface, Hypatia Sans. It has six weights, covers Latin-based, Greek and Cyrillic languages, and has extensive typographic features as well, resulting in 3000 glyphs per font. (Special thanks to Robert Slimbach and Miguel Sousa for their assistance.)
  • At Adobe, wrote the “Typblography” blog from its inception in 2005 until December 2008.
  • I’m on the board of, and treasurer for, ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale, the international typographic association).

If you want just way too much detail about me, you can read an old Adobe blog post. or the updated version here.


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